Watch our New Economy video with Tim Strafford, CEO of The Envisage Group, to find out why the Coventry and Warwickshire area attracted him to grow the business, commenting on the expert talent in the area, its strong reputation within the automotive industry and the importance of maintaining traditional skills.

The Envisage Group achieved its place within the top 50 fastest growing businesses in BDO’s Coventry and Warwickshire report 2019. Envisage has six sites based in Coventry but also has operations in the US and India and increasingly in China, is a self-styled one-stop shop for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the automotive sector.

It has combined traditional skills, which have made the region a worldwide hub of expertise since cars first hit the road, with the latest technologies, many of which are being pioneered at the area’s two universities.

That ability to support OEMs of all sizes, from assisting development of new products through to small production runs of vehicles, and from show cars to individual bespoke cars, has seen the company grow rapidly since it was established just over a decade ago, to the point where it employs more than 200 staff.

How does The Envisage Group merge tradition with innovation to support business growth?

Tim Strafford comments that “Envisage puts a strong emphasis on keeping traditional skills alive” and to ensure those skills are maintained and continue to thrive alongside the ground breaking work the firm carries out for OEMs, the company has taken on 16 apprentices as well as a host of graduates through maintaining links through the universities in Coventry.

Like Envisage, BDO advocates the importance of supporting business growth through harnessing high- quality apprenticeships to bridge the skills gap.

As outlined in our New Economy report, we feel strongly that the UK’s mid-sized, high-growth and entrepreneurial businesses, (what we will call the economic engine), should be at the heart of the Government’s plans for post-Brexit growth. We also want to see the UK economy balanced by region to help support business growth nationally. The positive results from our research in our growth report demonstrates the strength of the UK’s regions.

Find out more on the top 50 fastest-growing companies in the area in our Coventry and Warwickshire Growth Report 2019

Paul Fenner is Partner and Head of Construction at BDO.

“The skills we have in the region are fantastic. We are putting people through apprenticeship schemes to keep the craftsmanship of English wheel alive and well.”

Tim Strafford, CEO, The Envisage Group

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