Whichever party is elected on 8 June, these medium-sized businesses want to see more action from policymakers to boost growth in the year ahead.

BDO’s research, which surveyed 800 high-growth, medium-sized businesses across the UK, revealed that 73% of firms believe Conservative policies would best help them achieve their growth ambitions in the next year.

Over a third (35%) of mid-sized firms want to see simplification of the UK tax structure, 22% call for improved access to skills, and 21% want to see investment in physical infrastructure to ensure a balanced, sustainable post-Brexit economy for these businesses to continue to thrive.

Labour policies were supported by just 6% of businesses, while 12% favoured those of the Liberal Democrats.

Similar views are being voiced when asked which political party would secure the best deal for business as the UK leaves the European Union. 70% of British mid-sized firms backed Conservative, representing a huge lead over the Liberal Democrats and Labour which received 13% and 4% of the vote respectively.

Despite the prolific change to the economic and political landscape in the last year, the UK’s mid-sized firms remain stable and assured.

Three quarters (76%) of those surveyed say their opinion as to which political party would best help their business grow has not changed since the 2015 general election. In addition, an overwhelming majority (92%) are expecting positive growth for the financial year ahead.

We have produced a manifesto tracker of the key tax and business related pledges in the main General Election manifestos. The monitor looks at:

  • Corporation tax
  • Brexit
  • Other business measures
  • VAT/Indirect
  • Income tax
  • Pensions
  • CGT/Investments
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Property/SDLT/AET
  • Avoidance agenda
  • Employment/NIC
  • Education/Training
  • Benefits

“Whichever party is elected on 8 June, these medium-sized businesses want to see more action from policymakers to boost growth in the year ahead. “

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