Where Next?A New Economy

A new economy is needed that is not over-reliant on any one sector or region but which makes the most of Britain’s talents, skills and entrepreneurialism across the entire country; an economy which is outward-looking and helps its home-grown businesses expand abroad.

We want to kick-start a conversation and hear what is needed for you, your business and the UK to thrive.

Nothing is permanent except change

Rapid developments in technology and regulation, the growth of populist politics, an uncertain relationship with the EU and opportunities for a whole raft of new trade deals across the globe means that many of the boundaries that once shaped the way organisations do business are changing or disappearing altogether.

At the same time, global high-profile scandals have left many people feeling alienated from – and frustrated with - business and other institutions. Globalisation has seen many winners but many losers too. Some have said the vote for Brexit was the first rebellion of a developed country against globalisation. Having been followed by similar electoral sentiment in the US elections then we can expect more surprising news to come in the years ahead.

All these changes pose some interesting questions. In simple terms, what should Britain’s post-Brexit economy look like?

What next?A New Economy

To create a truly sustainable and balanced new economy which works for everyone, we believe there are three pieces of the jigsaw that policy makers must put together:

We want to kick-start a conversation

We don’t have all the answers. We want you, our people, industry groups, businesses, policy makers, economists and entrepreneurs to join us and to share ideas of how we, together, can help the UK economy thrive.

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